Unity Gaming is a community connecting people from around the world to deliver the best gaming experience possible.

Unity was founded on the second of December 2018 by: Ben, Jorn and Tycho. They are the founders and current leaders of the clan.


Clans, communities and guilds have been here since the start of online gaming. Playing together has always been a social event.

However, since the release of large gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin & battle.net people tend to play across different channels.

Unity Gaming wants to change this and create a community big enough to have people play all kind of games without the need to switch communities. Because after all, what is better then to play with the people you know and trust?

At UnityGaming we want people to feel home and accepted.


  • Connecting players
  • Create a friendly and safe environment
  • Support for all kind of games
  • Reliable
  • well-organized
  • Self-improving
  • Givingchances


 In the future we plan to lift our community to the next level! Below you can already take a sneak peak into our plans.

  • Forum
  • Community events
    • Meetings
    • Give-away
    • LAN-parties
    • Attend conventions
  • E-sports
  • Streaming

 The best part of it is that members will have the opportunity to play a role in all of this.

We hope to see you soon!

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